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Marvin's Team

Personal Desire

It's Marvinia's wish to be a fine art painter when small. Fortunately, when grew up the target can be aimed successfully at her desire.

Tertiary Education:

After completion of tertiary education abroad, Marvinia met Marvin in a friend's birthday party, and later organized a happy family together.

Successful Children

The couple has raised 3 children, two of them have doctoral degree while the other one has obtained a qualified school-principal certificate.

Relax to Enjoy the Fruit!

After working hard and diligently over the last several decades, Marvinia has achieved to the goal she set-up. Now together with Marvin, she enjoys the fruit.

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Explore New Techniques

New things are coming now and then. Don't just keep the old thing and old thought in our mind. There's never too late to learn!

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Travel In Beautiful Days

The world is changing, so as to our feeling and passion. Do not stay away from the beautiful days. Enjoy and share the joy with others when the opportunities come.

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Gives me hope

Thanks for your encouragement. You are my advisor, my hope!

- GiGi Auyeung

Happy Together

Come across Mediterrian Sea, we travelled together with Marvinia's couple. We're happy travelling partners.

- Carlos Y.

Velvet pouch!

Your smile is so sweet, your speech is so soft. You are really a kind-hearted person.

- MiMi Cohen

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